Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My AWFUL night!

The other day, when I got home from the gym, I was putting a book on a higher shelf.  I had set one foot on a lower shelf and it broke!  It held ALL of my snow globes!  I was SO sad!  It was stupid of me to put an 80 pound girl on a shelf though!   In the process, I cut my toe.  It was bleeding A LOT!!! I limped/ran down to my mom and dad (who were shoveling the driveway) and screamed!  My mom came in and cleaned up my toe and bandaged it and then went up to see the mess I made.  She called my dad to come help her and they spent 1 hour cleaning it up!  I was crying the WHOLE time!  I was really upset about my snow globes!  I was also afraid my grandma would get mad that I broke some snow globes that she bought me.  My mom called her and told her what happened and then my grandma talked to me.  She said that she wasn't mad, that accidents happen, and that she was glad I was OK.  I was feeling a bit better after that.

  For days, I have been WAY overtired!  I have not been myself.  (my mom even said so)  I have had trouble sleeping, trouble staying awake, and just tired!  Today I feel SO much better!  I am not tired, I got a good night sleep, and I am myself again!   I am SO happy!!! 


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  1. The best we can do is learn from our mistakes and Lord willing not repeat them. Sweet Pea, you will always matter more than things. Rejoicing that you are able to keep the New York snow globe as a figurine at least. Love you bunches!!! Gommy