Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chloe's Method of Removing Super Glue Off Your Fingers

I came up with this method when I was using super glue and it got ALL over my fingers !  I really didn't want to have icky super glue on my fingers so I discovered this method.   

1First, you rub the fingers that have super glue on them on the carpet.  You do this for a LONG time.

2. Then, you rub the finger that have super glue on them together.......... for a LONG time.

3.  Next you wash your hands while rubbing your fingers together.  Do this for a LONG time.

 4.  Last but NOT least,  you rub them on the carpet some more ! For a LONG time !

This should help the glue come off !  I hope you enjoyed this post, and found it helpful ! 

 DA DA DA !  SUPER GLUE !  hehe !