Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Fun!!!

On December 1st we had our first snow!!  It was literally a blizzard!! It snowed for 6 or 7 days straight.  I have been playing in the snow almost EVERY day! My brother Jayden and I were having a snowball fight.  We built walls out of snow and made about 15 snowballs each....  then we made MORE during the match!  My dogs Muffin and Oscar wanted to play in the snow too!!  They came out and were barking and getting really snowy!!  When Muffin went in, I chased Oscar around the yard.  He finally got really cold so I let him in for my mom to dry off.   My mom told me my dad would love it if the driveway was shoveled when he got home.  I went into the garage and retrieved the shovel. When I started shoveling this guy drove into my driveway and said "I hate to see you shovel".  After that he plowed my driveway for FREE!!  I was like "thanks".   I sent him a thank you card later that day.    


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Science Center and Violin Lesson

Like my face!?!
A few weeks ago on Monday, I went to the Rochester Museum and Science Center before my violin lesson.  I wanted to play in the K'NEX area.  I built an amazing gyro swing!  K'NEX are very fun and sometimes confusing to put together!  The gyro swing is probably my favorite though, it is the only one I ever do!  We also went to the beginning exhibit.  I played in the water and sand most of the time!   I made an awesome river with very tall sand mountains surrounding it!  Then we went to a table and ate our lunch.  I had cheese, crackers, and bologna! Yum!!!

I was so young!!!
 After the science center, we went to music lessons. While Jayden was having his piano lesson, I was reading in the car. When it was my turn, I ran into my violin teachers studio.  I am starting the 6th song in Suzuki Violin Book 3.  There is one song left in the book, after I finish song #6, and then I move on to Suzuki Violin Book 4.  I attend my violin lessons every other Monday.  Every violin lesson day brings new surprises for me!!!