Monday, November 15, 2010

A Gymnastics Meet + A Baby = Fun

This past Thursday I had my gymnastics practice meet.  I did pretty well except for one event......bars.  Out of 10.0, my score was a 6.6.  My beam score was 8.8, my vault score was 8.5, and my floor score was 8.15.  That makes my all around score 32.05 out of 40.00.  That is a reasonable score for being my first meet in level 6.  (To qualify for the State Meet you have to earn an all around score of 31.5 at a state qualifying meet.)

The reason my bars score was so low is because my casts weren't high enough and I fell on my fly away dismount.  Some other things I need to work on are my dismount off of the beam, front tuck and front handspring pass on the floor, and not staying on the vault so long.  Some of the things I am good at are my back tuck on the floor and my full turn and scale on the beam.

Tub Fun!
After the practice meet, we went to my mom's friend's house.  Her name is Shana.   She also has a blog.  It is called A Queen Among Kings because she is the only girl in her house.  Her husband Dave made pulled pork for dinner.  Yummy!   They have two little boys; Nathanial who is 4 and Alex who is 2.  Alex is VERY cute!!!  After dinner Alex wanted to take a bath.  I told Shana I could watch Alex while he was in the bath.  Alex wanted ALL of his bath toys in the tub with him!  While he was happily playing, I was putting up foam letters and writing on the wall of the shower!  All of the adults thought we were very cute!  When Alex wanted to get out I dried him off and Shana put on his clothes.

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