Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lucky Stars Gymnastic Meet

On Friday,  I had a meet called Lucky Stars.  It was in Jamestown, NY.  It took 3 hrs to get there!  Wake up time was 4:45am!   It was a lot of fun hanging out with my dad on the car ride. On the way there,  I slept for a little bit!  :)  We thought we were late but when I arrived my coaches weren't even there!  :) 

I did really well!!!  On bars on I scored an 8.1, on beam a 9.0 and placed 6th, on floor I got an 8.5, on vault an 8.6 and in the all around I got a 34.2 (my goal was at least a 34) and placed 11th.  My team placed 2nd (YAY!) and the 1st place team beat us by 6 points!  :(   We did AWESOME though!!!  :)

After the meet we looked around at all of the things they were selling.  My dad bought me some tafy!  It was SO yummy!  :)   For lunch we went to a place called Wing City.  A bunch of my friends came with us.  This place didn't just have wings they had all kinds of stuff!! I ended up having a buffalo chicken salad. It was really good!!!  I was stuffed afterword!  I had a great time at the whole meet!!!  :)


  1. You have every reason to be happy and proud of your scores. This season you have been doing a wonderful job of continuing to improve with each new meet. Go Chloe! Go Chloe1 Yeah! For Sweet Pea!! Love you bunches!!

  2. Excellent meet and excellent post! I enjoyed reading about your day.